It’s easy to level up in Eligium, where grinding isn’t too much of a way of life. Even the most casual of players can achieve higher levels. It’s all about QUESTING.

Eligium offers various quests for players. From plot quests to side quests to daily quests, there are no shortage of interesting ways and easy ways to gain levels. Players can view quests thru the Quest Tracker, easily reached by pressing “Q”.

The Quest Tracker, located on the right side of the screen, is a great help for players during questing. They can just click at the quest objective (green text), and the character will move to the location of the monster to be killed, the NPC to interact with or the item to be gathered. The Quest Tracker can accommodate up to a maximum of 5 quests. The limitation of the tracker depends on the location of the objective. If the objective is inside an instance, the tracker will inform the player that it does not support the objective’s location.




These are main story line quests, where you get to learn the story behind the world of Eligium. These quests will give basic tutorials and unlocks certain features of the game.

Plot Quests are marked with red exclamation points floating above the head of an NPC.


Side Quests

These are the quests give bountiful rewards like gold, experience, prestige and knowledge. Players will benefit from these quests, especially if they are trying to level faster.

Side quests are indicated by yellow exclamation points floating above an NPC’s head.

Daily Quests

If somehow, a player has finished their quest line and is still in need of experience to level, they can finish some daily quests which also give decent amount of experience and gold. Take note that some daily quests can be done only twice a day, meaning once you’ve done them, you need to wait for it again after the day is done.

Daily quests are indicated by a blue exclamation point floating above an NPC’s head. Daily quests can be done once per day.

There is a tab where you can view the available quests that your character can avail, which can be brought up by pressing [Q]