Class Branches


Description of the Specializations


The immortality of these agile Elves enables them to gain unparalleled proficiency in skills that ordinary human beings are unable to learn. In moments of danger, they are adept at mastering the situation and raining death on their adversaries from afar.




One of the specialization classes of the Hunter, like hunters in the field, Scouts are armed with bows and quivers in the battlefield, hunting their quarries without yielding to fatigue. Their speed and agility provides a vital part in a war giving out enemy positions before they can make a move.



The second specialization classes of the Hunter, these Shades are armed with a gunlance and are fond of mastering the shadows and call themselves Shades. They try to blend and wield the shadow using it weapon to succeed. Usually, they assault enemies with sudden surprise attacks, but they are also fund of using traps strategically during combat.




The upgraded class of the Scout, when these experienced rangers appear on the battlegrounds, every single move from an enemy will be an invitation to a quick death.



The upgraded class of the Shade, only the most elite Shades can be entitled as Phantom. Phantoms walk in the shadows converting their body with the power of darkness. While using the shadows as their battlefield, they can also use their traps to add a greater advantage against the enemies.




Forest Warden

The upgraded class of the Ranger, no matter what circumstance, these dexterous guardians deal out the deadliest of damages with their weapons. They have pushed their shooting techniques to the very limit. If an enemy will make a single mistake, the last thing they will see will be an arrow moving towards their head.


Shadow Wraith

The upgraded class of the Phantom, the Shadow Wraith excels at stealth, traps and elemental damages. Only a few people have survived facing of with these wraiths and their common word of advice “Never trust your own shadow”.