Class Branches

Description of the Specializations


The Viridis, a race with an ancient lineage with the Elves, have mastered numerous summoning and healing skills. These “Druids” can perform miracles that defy man’s imagination, and employ these abilities in the fight for the protection of their homeland.



One of the specializations of the Druid, they not only know how to summon minions to aid in battle, they also use totems to aide allies during a war. Their miraculous healing spells have improved from being a druid making them a very valuable part of the army.


The other specialization of the Druid, these spirit–researching casters have become one with their primal instinct. Illusionist can transform to a powerful werewolf that can shred their enemies into pieces. By thoroughly undergoing change in their inner body structure, their body is transformed into a perfect fighting weapon.




The upgraded class of the Summoner, a Redeemer is a very important pillar in an army because of their excellent healing and dispelling magic. They can also summon a powerful melee minion which can aid them during battle.


The upgraded class of the Illusionist, the more advanced attunement to shape shifting makes them a more proficient killing machine. These Spiritwalkers transform into a powerful two headed dragon or chimaera. Each of the chimaera’s head spits fire and ice efficiently freezing and burning enemies blocking their path.


Life Guardian

The upgraded class of the Redeemer, as the name implies, the vital spiritual and backup support on the battlefield are called the Life Guardians. They have mastered the mysteries of life itself providing allies with renewed vitality and vigor during the battlefield. They can summon powerful allies and link their own soul to these minions. Their proficient in healing helps the fallen allies march back towards victory.

Soul Punisher

The upgraded class of the Spiritwalker, their primal savagery has improved their shape shifting skills enhancing their body composition and attacks. Their animalistic behavior has taken a toll on their own soul, thus focusing on annihilating every foe along their path before their own savagery consumes them.