ELIGIUM GUILD EB at Kija Internet Café


Hello Warriors of Galgaron!

Get ready for another exciting Guild EB this weekend! It will be held on September 22 , 2012;  10AM onwards at Kija Internet Café Stall 1 and 2 blk 3 lot 1 Verdant Ave. cor Atis St. Verdant Acres Subd., Pamplona III, Las Pinas City. Expect freeplays, cool prizes and awesome events! For details of our activities, check out below. See you there!


  • Freeplays
  • Feral Plain Dungeon Run
  • Raffle


All Eligium Online Players are qualified to join the raffle.


  • Purchase at least P100 worth of Level Up! Prepaid cards at the designated café (Location of the EB). One (1) LU100 is equivalent to one (1) Raffle Stub.
  • Present the UNUSED LU Card worth at least Php100 to the Raffle Booth Area. Prepaid cards already used in other side events will not be accepted. No need for conversion into in-game credits.
  • After presenting the unused LU Card at the Raffle Booth Area, you will be given a Raffle Stub Form.
  • The Representative assigned to that Raffle Booth will put a mark on the Raffle Stub Form.
  • Participants will then be given a Raffle Stub containing a series of raffle numbers, which will be used during the Raffle.
  • Deadline of submission of entries is up to 5:00 P.M. only.
  • Items will be raffled off starting 6:00PM and winners will be announced on the event itself.
  • Raffle winners may claim their prizes at the Raffle Booth (for the t-shirt and jacket)
  • In-game prizes will be awarded 2 weeks after the event.


* Only LU! Prepaid Cards from designated Café Shop bought on same day are allowed.
* Raffle Event is Free –for-all. No more bracketing system.


2 Winners of

  • Limited Edition Eligium Jacket

3 Winners of

  • Eligium T-shirt

5 Winners of

  • 1pc Item Mall Mount of Choice (Egg)
  • 1pc Item Mall Pet of Choice
  • 5pcs. +3 Gemstone (1 of each gemstone type)
  • 5pcs Blessed Crystal (Middle)

3 Winners of

  • 1pc Item Mall Mount of Choice (Egg)
  • 1pc Item Mall Pet of Choice
  • 10pcs. +3 Gemstone (2 of each gemstone type)
  • 16pcs Immature Amplification Potion
  • 4pcs. Immature Wisdom Potion
  • 5pcs Immature Digestive
  • 5pcs Blessed Crystal (Middle)

1 Winner of

  • 1pc Item Mall Mount of Choice (Egg)
  • 1pc Item Mall Pet of Choice
  • 20pcs. +3 Gemstone (4 of each gemstone type)
  • 36pcs Immature Amplification Potion
  • 4pcs. Immature Wisdom Potion
  • 10pcs Immature Digestive
  • 10pcs Blessed Crystal (Middle)



Dungeon: Feral Plain Legendary Map
Event NPC: Prophet McCain
Mode: Legend
Level Requirement: 40 and up
Time Limit: 10 minutes



  • Open to all Eligium Players.
  • Registrants must show a 100 LU card upon registration.
  • Participating teams must have owned character in Eligium that will be use in the event.
  • Form a 5 or 4 man team and complete the registration form for your team. Fill in all the necessary details with complete and correct information.
  • The first eight (8) team registrants may participate.


  • Participants will be called and asked to occupy a seat on the tournament area.
  • There is a 10 minute set up time before the run. Facilitators must coordinate with the party leader if they are ready before the setup time finishes. This should be strictly followed accordingly. (Participants should be prepared prior the event. The set up time is for helper or skill allocation)
  • After the preparation time, participants must proceed to Prophet McCain for the start of the event. Facilitators will signal the start of the dungeon raid.
  • The dungeon will be automatically timed after the loading screen. In any case that any of the teams experience lag (usually there will be no damage dealt/missing NPCs), we will base the timed clearance on the facilitators timer (facilitators need to pause their stopwatch if they see that the clearing team is lagging).
  • In any case that the party misses an objective, they will automatically gain +1 minute to their time for every missed objective.
  • Fastest team to finish the dungeon wins the event. In any event that two or more teams have the same clear time battling for the top spot, we will base the winner by the dungeon point system.
  • To ensure that players run the legendary mode, facilitators must coordinate and check the party leader. Once the GM gives the signal, the leader will have to access the legendary mode. The team must meet the requirement for the legendary dungeon.
  • If the players are unable to finish the dungeon within the given time, they are automatically eliminated. They can choose to finish the dungeon or not.
  • The team will have a 5 level limit cap range based from the lowest level.

Example:  If the lowest level member is at level 50, the range of participating members will consists of level 50 until level 54. No member should exceed level 55. Any players exceeding the allowed range will have to be removed from the party.


  • Eligium T-shirt for each member
  • 1M gold for each member.
  • 1 Binding Rune for each member.
  • 10 pcs. Special Rejuvenation Potion (Medium) for each member.
  • 10pcs. Special Mana Spring Potion (Medium) for each member.
  • 5pcs. Secondary Energy Charging Stone for each member


  • If the winners only consist of 4 participants, we will still award the prize but will be directly mailed to the Party Leader.


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